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Better safe than sorry

-The Mining Gazette



Recipe for Safety

- The Detroit Free Press



Emily's Story

Emily VonderMeulen

Read her story

Emily Vonder Meulen died on April 13, 2006 from anaphylactic shock. She was 13 years old.





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Signature Products

~Special Gift from us to you~

A free static cling with any order, view our catalog page!


Just $12.95

This book was written and illustrated for kids, those under 5 years of age, with simple text and colorful images.

A wonderful tool for children, parents and caregivers. Topics include sharing and handwashing for a safe day of play with food allergies!


Just $13.95

Our teddy bear is a unique gift for the special people affected by food allergies.             

A soft, fun tool to spread awareness about allergies.


Just $3.00

A static cling to place on an infinite number of things, in home, school, or work. Remind others about food allergies. Prompt discussion and awareness.


AllergyAvenue Brochure

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Ask Before You Share  

was developed to help prevent accidental food allergic reactions.       

The idea... ask before you share food and other things too. Sounds simple, but for children, this basic concept of sharing is taught early on in their lives to be nice. But unfortunately with allergies on the rise, we ALL need to change how we do things to promote the safety of children and adults.

Spreading Awareness

By doing this, spreading awareness, we promote safety. Many people just don't understand what having a food allergy means. By educating them, and placing reminders in our daily lives for them to see and to aid us in teaching others about food allergies and other allergies too, we increase understanding. By increasing understanding, we promote safety. For example, in a restaurant, if the employees and chef, understand what it means to have a food allergy, and that cross contamination can produce possible life threatening reactions, those types of accidental reactions can be avoided.

Awareness + Understanding = Safety

This can't ensure safety, but it can promote it. The hope is for a cure. Until then, let's do all we can to help those

affected stay safer. Thanks for your help!



A Note from the founder:

~All of our products have been used by people with food allergies and they feel products like the static cling have made a difference.~

Use of these items has prompted discussion, and increased awareness.

We have found spreading awareness helps for us and hope it will benefit others as well.

Best Regards


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